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Terms & Conditions

HABANO AUCTION - registered trademark of Duke Group Ltd - is a portal that deals-through online auctions- to interact supply/ demand about Cuban cigars collectible, valuable, investment, vintage, etc.
All cigars auction must be from the official production of Habanos SA.
On the portal HABANO AUCTION must be present exclusively cigars in good / excellent state of preservation. Sellers and sponsors are responsible for the origin, authenticity, state of conservation of the boxes / humidors / cigars in bulk auctioned.
Duke Group Ltd is NOT interested in cigars of other geographical origins and to the production of regular Habanos SA recently.
The following terms and conditions of use, are used for all of the services available on the portal HABANO AUCTION and tacitly accepted by logging into the portal:

1) Use of services-ads
Who uses the services of this portal, is committed to publishing your ad in the appropriate category of the site, subject to the following rules:
  • comply with all laws and regulations in force and also the inherent morality;
  • abide by the rules of publication;
  • ads containing true, genuine and not misleading;
  • not spread computer viruses, spam, pyramid schemes or proposals of other technologies that could damage the Site or its users;
  • ads without violating any rights of third parties;
  • do not use any automatic tool also to access the site and collect the illegitimately content.

2) Limitations on the site
The company Duke Group Ltd reserves the right to restrict or prohibit access to the services of the portal HABANO AUCTION, and to remove the content stored or to take all the technical and legal measures necessary to exclude the aforementioned portal user who has adopted conduct contrary to the Rules of Publication and / or these Terms and Conditions and / or the rules and laws in the field of morality even in the country where the ad will run.
It is understood that the company is still Duke Group Ltd service provider and can not therefore be held responsible in any case for unauthorized use and / or illegal and / or contrary to the morality of their services by users or third parties.

3) Content of the site
The portal HABANO AUCTION is protected by copyright laws and international conventions on copyright. Content displayed on or through the site is protected as a work or a collection of works under the laws and international conventions on copyright. The user of the site shall not in any way copy, disclose, modify, amend the contents of the site are subject to copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. And 'forbidden disunite and / or remove from the list, eradicate the source code and / or illicitly obtaining the source code of the portal.
All content and / or information and / or genuineness of the offer of purchase and sale is assured by the user as well as guarantees the ownership of all rights.
The company Duke Group Ltd will remove, reserving its right to damages, the content that violates these terms and conditions or violate the laws in force in the country in which the 'ad will run.

4) Protection of the rights of third parties
The user of the site, under penalty of elimination announcement, agrees not to post content that infringes the rights of any third parties, intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademark rights. It si 'forbidden to publish on the site goods and / or counterfeit products. To report an ad that you believe violate the rights mentioned above, the third person as may be harmed, will notify, by certified mail, to the Duke Group Ltd company, which after verification, shall take all appropriate measures.

5) Limitation of liability

The company Duke Group Ltd shall have no liability regarding the quality, safety, legality of the content posted and it does not guarantee continuous access to the site and its services, which may in fact be influenced by factors outside its control. The company Duke Group Ltd, will also not be in any way responsible for any financial loss, the direct and indirect damages even image may be suffered by users or third parties as a result of the use of the Site or its services, and in any case the 'Any compensation payable by the Company Duke Group Ltd and its suppliers shall be solely limited to the amount of the fees paid in the previous 12 months, and in any case until the maximum amount of € 150,00.
6) Personal Data
The user of the portal HABANO AUCTION, as described in the Privacy Rules authorizes the company Duke Group Ltd so that you can collect, process, transfer and store your personal data, including correspondence with other users may be sent through the portal, on the server which has available.

7) Applicable law and court of jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions of Use and all conditions and rules of the portal HABANO AUCTION substantially and formally referred to herein represent an agreement between the company Duke Group Ltd and the user of the website. This contract is governed by Italian law.
The Parties, saving the rights of the consumer, waive any jurisdiction by establishing the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Bergamo [Italy], in disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions.

8) Nullity and / or annulment clauses

If one or more clauses of Terms and Conditions risult invalid, any invalidity and / or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions of the contract, it is understood that the non-exercise of a right by the company Duke Group Ltd does not represent and / or shall be considered waiver at the same and will not prevent, however, to act legally against the user of the website or to third parties for violation of the commitments and obligations contained in these Terms of Use .

9) Customs or import duties

Any customs or import duties levied That may be ordered on the package, and / or customs declarations and Regulations required once it Reaches ITS final country of delivery are the only responsibility of the recipient. We have no control over the application of the charge, nor amount of the charges to be levied. Since customs policies from the vary Widely country, you want to contact your local customs office for futher information. Duke Group Ltd assumes no responsibility for any changes in laws or customs regulations.

10) Communications

Any communication by the user of the website should be sent to: Duke Group Ltd 116/8, San Juan - St. George's Road St. Julian's - Malta Email: info@habanoauction.com.mt
The company Duke Group Ltd may send notices to the email address provided by the user or, alternatively, can send a registered letter to the postal address given when you registered to the site.
Users can post questions, comments or complaints to the company and what Duke Group Ltd in accordance with law.

11) Change in contract terms

The company Duke Group Ltd may at any time modify the contents of these Terms and Conditions by posting the amended terms on this site. The new terms and conditions will automatically be effective after 15 days from the date of publication of this update on the site.

The duration of an ad is 11 days. Ads must necessarily refer to something specific.
Do not place generic ads useful only to advertise a website or business.
With the publication of the announcement, you will agree to the Terms and Conditions
of this site. The irregular use of the site will result in the immediate removal of all of the ads by the user. General rules of publication As specified in the Terms and Conditions above, all ads containing elements [objects, words, expressions, etc.] does not comply with the law, morality and public order, respecting other users will be removed from the site without the possibility for the owner to receive a refund.
It is not allowed to publish any content of a sexual or pornographic.
The ad must not contain any offensive expression towards other people or companies.
The violations of intellectual property rights of third parties, including counterfeiting and piracy, as well as any attempt, complicity or instigation of an infringement, are contrary to the law and to the spirit and objectives of the company Duke Group Ltd.
The announcement and the photos will be matching to the real characteristics of the product under ads and will be able to use only the content of which is exclusively owners.
The advertiser will be personally responsible for the content of the ads and now Duke Group Ltd shall have no liability in relation to the goods or services posted by users or as to the content of the ads.